Architects: 31/44 Architects     Photography: Building Narratives     Construction Period:  2023     Location:  Crystal Palace, United Kingdom

The house contains many eclectic and diverse fragments of architecture found and enjoyed by the architect owner. There are fragments of buildings visited and admired, but there are also fragments of the house next door. Memories of a Danish art gallery, a Modernist pavilion in Barcelona, a workshop in Belgium and a convent in Milan are all present. In spirit we hope it has the optimism of the Case Study Housing Programme; in construction detail we tried to capture the directness of 1950’s British architecture.

These fragments are brought together to form a house that twists and steps to make the most of the sloping trapezoidal site. Internally the result is a series of intimate spaces with multiple views between, across and through that create a sense of spaciousness despite the modest size of the rooms themselves.

Text provided by the architect.