Architects: Depeyre Morand Architectures Figures Architectes     Photography: Brigitte BouillotGiaime Meloni     Construction Period:  2023     Location:  La Norville, France

The project, a collaboration between Figures Architectes and Depeyre Morand Architectures, consists of the construction of multifunctional hall for the town of La Norville (Essone, 91, France). The hall will be used both as a village hall and as a private space available for rentals.

The plan articulates three volumes: two parallel technical wings frame the main hall to the north and south. Facing east-west and benefiting from natural light and through-views, the two accordion-style glass façades open out completely towards the woods and fields.

The two technical blocks to the north and south consist of a cast-in-place concrete structure with an exposed facing. On the inside, a post-and-beam structure frames the hall and supports the wooden framework which will cover the volume like a town hall.

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The wooden framework and timber-framed walls are covered by a pre-weathered standing seam zinc roof. Ornamental elements and architectural objects made by Depeyre Morand architectures punctuate the project: The two main façades of the hall are explicitly marked by hand-sculpted wooden columns. The tie holes in the formwork resulting from the pouring of the concrete were also considered as an opportunity for the project. Glazed and colored ceramic plugs were made to measure and used to close up the holes in the formwork.

Text provided by the architect.