Architects: 2m26     Photography: Yuki Okada     Construction Period:  2023     Location:  Kyoto, Japan

Design and built by Kyoto based architecture studio 2m26, Umagoya comprises a stable for 2 horses and a storage space – saddle room located in Keihoku, north mountain side of Kyoto city.

the new construction integrates the property of an old japanese folk dwelling. Around the main thatched roof house, few outbuildings and a garden surrounded by soil walls enclose the site. Umagaoya takes part of this ensemble on both sides of a “KURA”, traditional storage space made of thick soil walls.

The whole structure and roof of each building are made of locally sourced cypress and cedar timber, assembled by japanese traditional joinery, in order to respect the soul of adjacent constructions.

Both buildings sit on stone basement and floors have been made of a compressed soil and lime mix to let the ground breathe while resisting to horses moves.

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Horizontal wooden shutters inspired by temple design can be lifted on four sides by L shaped metal hinges, so that the stable can be widely open or closed in case of typhoon or heavy snow.

All ironwork, hinges – attachment rings – hooks – locks – has been design by the studio and realised by japanese blacksmith.

Text provided by the architect.