Architects: Tectum     Photography: Federico Cairoli     Construction Period:  2023     Location:  Córdoba, Argentina

In the mountain ranges of Córdoba, on land with almost a 45º slope, with the sound of the river, views towards the mountain ranges and the treetops; the project is developed. A house where living, working, writing. In a game of complementary opposites, the only thing is to recolza en pates. While the second is heavy, the second coronament is light. Per moments oberts. It was also forcefully closed to the approach of an internal connection.

The program stacks and allows you to live at different heights, from the terrace to the sun. It is accessed from above, from the street, and through the roof that does not exceed the highest point of the lot. In a walk of contemplation, it is gradually traversed until entering through the valley.

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From the outside, mono material. A thick work that emerges from the place. Reinforced concrete resolves the structure and space; the relationship between the sun and the cell phone. Their walls have a rugged finish capable of highlighting the country of the weather and imprinting on the work the climate and tones of the land itself. Per dins, it is seen in whip, a warm material in contrast to the harsh exterior, which upon entering will reveal its very particular perfume.

Living on the edge of the treetop, an area for living, eating, cooking and waking up, connecting with the landscape. In contrast, an introverted mezzanine, with a flat floor plan and suspended over the entire building with light from below, provides an atmosphere that favors introspection. A lloc that proposes an other relationship with the country of the times.

Text provided by the architect.