Architects: BAST     Photography: BAST     Construction Period:  2023     Location:  Toulouse, France

The building is made up of very built sub-assemblies corresponding to different periods of construction.
The intervention disrupts the thermal behavior of the unit respecting the constructive characteristics of different times.
The main body becomes the main living area, made up of the living room on the ground floor and the sleeping rooms upstairs.
The floors (slab beam at the bottom and wooden frame at the top) are rebuilt at new altitudes.
The bays are open up to the roof.
The old closed house is replaced by a dark wooden wall which takes over the loads of the preserved clothes.
A change to the exterior of the home allows changes to the home.
A winter garden occupies the construction in the center of the community.
It connects four places: the street, the garden, the house and the garage/outbuilding.
The thermal management devices (velums, French opening) can be used at all locations for different uses.

Text provided by the architect.