Architects: Ksa Studený     Photography: Alex Shoots Buildings     Construction Period:  2022     Location:  Pernek, Slovakia

The assignment of the project was a family house on a slopy plot of land on the outskirts of the village of Pernek, western Slovakia. The site is located in the natural surroundings of the Small Carpathians mountains.

Our intention was to make a simple, undemanding house that uses the terrain of the plot and blends in with the environment. Provide housing with the greatest possible connection with the surrounding nature. We placed the house on the slope below the road to allow its residents to observe the nature of the opposite forest, and thus freed up the flat part of the plot for the garden.

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The construction of the house is a concrete shell (without internal supports), made of monolithic concrete, which is admitted in the interior. The only facade of the house is a glass wall in the south direction, through which it communicates with its surroundings. The other areas of the house are grassed and blend in with the terrain.

We designed the floor plan of the house in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid, mirroring its longitudinal profile. The interior space is free, divided into two floors connected by a staircase. Downstairs, in contact with the garden, is a multifunctional space in which there is a living room with a work corner and the parents’ bedroom, a kitchen with a dining room and the technical background of the house. On the upper floor there are two children’s bedrooms, a bathroom and an entrance area. All living rooms are oriented through large windows in the southern direction towards the garden and the forest.

Text provided by the architect.