Architects: TEd'A arquitectes     Photography: Luís Díaz Díaz     Construction Period:  2023     Location:  Llubí, Spain

“Majorca is paradise, if you can stand it!” This warning pronounced by Gertrude Stein, directed at Robert Graves when he told her about his plans of leaving cold England, echoes in a house that harnesses traditional wisdom to create an agreeable redoubt in a part of the island prone to gusts of both the north and the south winds.

Solid marés walls with an inner layer of ceramic, combined with concrete vaults, provide the necessary thermal inertia and are positioned in accordance with the direction of the elongated plot in order to guide the breeze. This ventilation also benefits the courtyard with which all the rooms connect by means of an ambulatory. With deliberately more ceiling height clearance than the rooms, this cloistral space – which due to a slight drop in the topography relates with the courtyard differently on its various sides – is crowned with small skylights that produce a chimney effect, making for a constantly cool atmosphere.

Text provided by the architect.