Architects: Graux & Baeyens     Photography: Jeroen Verrecht     Construction Period:  2018     Location:  Deinze, Belgium

The project involves the Belgian artist Stief Desmet’s painting and sculpting studio. On the street side you will find the family home, flanked on the left by a narrow brick garage. On the right side there is a lower studio and studio that no longer meets the expectations of the artist who creates ever larger sculptures. The site is characterized by organically grown buildings that vary greatly in terms of materials and finish. The new atelier consists of a primarily double-height brick volume, partly embraced by lower secondary buildings.

The primary volume has a symmetrical floor plan that aspires peace and serenity. The sober but brutal materialization supports the function that it includes. Both narrow vertical gate doors vary in width and give the opportunity to realize large sculptures. The corner window forms a place within a place that is a resting point within the large space. The study area is located at the back with a view of the vast nature.

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Together with the other buildings, a congruent story has been managed in which the whole has a reinforcing effect on the components. The use of materials seeks connection to the main house, the adjacent stables and brooks without falling into copying. The sloping location allows an inner court to be formed without closing off from the natural garden behind it.

Text provided by the architect.