Architects: Ushijima Architects     Photography: Kengaku Tomooki     Construction Period:  2018     Location:  Fujisawa, Japan

This is a wooden 2-story house for family of 4 members, located in about 1km from Shonan-seaside. (Shonan is the most famous seaside area near Tokyo). This new residence is not open to surroundings, for keeping client’s privacy in the narrow site, but has the atmosphere of this region by attaching the small volumes to a large volume.

Most of recent houses in Shonan is added a wide terrace and warehouses for marine sport in the outside of the main volume after the completion, because of the strict restriction of the BCR in this area. That’s why I chose to situate a large volume for family space installing small volumes which are subfunction for this context.

In the large volume, the space consisted of split-level floors creates the connection of the family. The wooden columns and braces which support these floors makes warmness by dividing the spaces loosely and becomes a symbol of this house.

Text provided by the architect.