Architects: Metro Arquitetos     Photography: Leonardo Finotti     Construction Period:  2020     Location:  São Paulo, Brazil

The project consists of a leisure area and an apartment connected to a house already located on a large plot of land on the banks of a lake, for a couple who are living between São Paulo and London.

By combining new volumes and taking advantage of underused spaces of the property, which was built in the nineties, we created a spa next to the swimming pool, featuring a sauna, a hot tub, an indoor swimming pool, and a contemplation patio. The surroundings of the original pool were reorganized using concrete, wood, and glass, providing a private space for leisure by the garden.

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A full apartment, with a kitchen, fireplace, and bedroom, was installed in a vacant area. The space is divided by curtains, and a large skylight provides light and ventilation. Every environment allows you to enjoy privacy from the other rooms but still have contact with the gardens and the views of the surrounding nature.

Text provided by the architect.