Architects: Felipe Assadi Francisca Pulido     Photography: Fernando Alda     Construction Period:  2014     Location:  Bahía Azul, Chile

The painter’s studio has been erected to one side of a house in Bahía Azul. A small space, it appears to be a prolongation of the terrain when seen from the entrance, but from the slope it stands out as a piece embedded in the hillside.

The space, ultimately conceived as the prolongation of its own window frame, mediates between the sea and an interior garden located at the entrance. Reached by a narrow staircase, excavated out of the rock, it leaves the user in complete isolation.

It is a sort of retreat from the surrounding constructions, basically just a wall with indirect sunlight entering from above to paint by.

The rigidity and horizontality of the design reinforce the diagonal lines of the main house.

Text provided by the architect.