Architects: Atelier Amont     Photography: Kristof Vrancken/z33     Construction Period:  2013-2014     Location:  Hasselt, Belgium

A competition called for a place of meetings and events to be a focal point for an art festival situated between the two cities of Hasselt and Genk. The temporary pavilion was placed alongside the Albert Canal, thereby signifying it as a fleeting element, akin to a boat ashore for a brief period. It was designed to be both welcoming and to open out to the surrounding landscape as well as to create an intimate atmosphere using curtains of thick cotton tarpaulin, adapting to the specific requirements of various events. The building is composed of a combination of pine timber elements combined with cross laminated timber panels for the roof.

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The roof shape is generated by the ideas described above, but also on the need for drainage using a minimal system of modular elements, therefore slightly sloped towards the corners where rain-water was channeled out. This creates a slight, gradually shifting distortion throughout the entire structure which reinforces the aspect of ephemerality, and creates a rhythm of peaked roofs around all sides. Eventually, the pavilion was used more than expected, so remained open along the canal for one year. Afterwards, it was moved to a park of an orphanage where it still stands today.

Text provided by the architect.