Architects: Ignacio Rojas Hirigoyen     Photography: Cristóbal ValdésMarcos Zegers     Construction Period:  2023     Location:  Casablanca, Chile

Designed by the architect Ignacio Rojas Hirigoyen together with The Andes House, this project seeks to provide an affordable solution to the shortage of decent housing that affects Chile and Latin America, through a flexible modular construction system that is quickly and efficiently executed. With prefabricated parts that allow different configurations, the model can be expanded horizontally and vertically, accommodating other uses, and disassembled to be reused in a new location. This constructive solution includes recycled materials, taking advantage of their sincerity and aesthetic value in an austere architecture.

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In Casablanca, a commune on the central coast of Chile belonging to the province and region of Valparaíso, this 85-square-meter house is located. With a gabled roof, the elevated prototype above ground level presents a simple, light and resistant metal structure. Units are anchored with wedges, internal laminated wood cladding and external corrugated metal panels.

Text provided by the architect.