Architects: Bona fide taller     Photography: Oleh Kardash Horlay     Construction Period:  2020     Location:  Coves de Vinromà, Spain

Located on the edge of a small town with the river valley, the walk is the landscaping adaptation of the shoulder of a path, a ceramic carpet that unrolls following the layout of the old stone wall, folding and wrinkling as it meets trees and crosses on the way. In the pools created, the bars are curved and large concrete stones accumulate that serve as a seat, as if dragged by the same current. The surface of these slabs has previously been irregularly polished, as if from a use that has not yet been given to it. Other elements such as center guards and bollards help organize and direct the flow.

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It descends to go to die in a small square gained from the slope. Unlike the promenade, this one has a more urban, even domestic character. An open room for meeting and resting. A fountain occupies its center; It leads the water through an open channel to the lower natural ground. From its stone and railing balcony you can see the river and its white stones, the abandoned corrals on the other side of the valley. The masonry slope that contains it articulates the descent to the old waterwheel from a path that comes from the upper level of the town. Its stepped slope is recovered with rounded pebbles topped by bush-hammered stone steps -such as are found in the nearby streets-, in combination with sections resolved with ceramics, in the shade of the pine forest.

The pavement is executed with a block formed from the reuse of ceramic stock of low commercial value. The warm striped texture of the ceramic, together with the different applications of stone paving and the rusty steel fittings, integrate the walk in the place.

The project designed by Bona fide taller on the urban edge of the town of Les Coves de Vinromà, in Castellón (Spain), is the result of an ideas competition promoted by the ceramic sector of the region.

Text provided by the architect.