Architects: Chris Luce     Photography: Ana Paula Álvarez     Construction Period:  2021     Location:  La Saladita, Mexico

The commission was to design a refuge for surfers in the area of La Saladita beach. It is a peculiar case arising from the exchange of ideas and good conversations, the search for creative coincidences, and the discussion of better conceptual differences between client and architect. Casa Nu (from the French “nous”, we, personal pronoun) was the material reinforcement of a friendship of years, which now offers a different and innovative experience for those who want a quiet refuge after enjoying the waves in this part of the Mexican Pacific.

The layout of the volumes on this corner lot was obtained like someone who takes advantage of the best waves when being on the board. Some areas with large mango trees were preserved to give their cool shade over the green areas, projecting freshness and pleasant privacy between neighbors.

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The architectural program found unconventional solutions since it manages to distribute some essential areas of the house throughout an external space: the laundry room, the storage room, and a guest bathroom are located here, in addition to other essential spaces such as a laundry niche, a machine room, a functional rack for surfboards, a locked cellar to store the boards and private outdoor showers with a view of the infinite blue sky. This set of specifically designated spaces is placed in the form of a service train that, at the same time, provides a strong perimeter of protection to the property.

Inside the house, a double-height scheme was utilized. Within it, a loft was designed with a King Size bed occupying its surface, complemented with storage space in the upper part, while the ground floor houses the kitchen, living room, and a bathroom with a separate toilet and shower, allowing spaces for flexible use necessary when the user hosts guests.

We sought to guarantee that all the materials used in the finishes were honest and with a dignified aging process and patina. The exposed concrete with slatted formwork highlights the strength of the walls, as well as the polished concrete with brass joints on the floor, pinewood on doors and windows, and various previously oxidized and varnished metallic elements.

All the details to equip the space without compromising the design have been chosen with care, the spaciousness and the sense of simplicity in the design and the wiring and hidden service facilities contribute to achieving a unique experience of luxury and comfort.

Casa NU has all the essentials, to provide (us) with rest and peace, after an always dynamic surf session.

Text provided by the architect.