Architects: Junya Ishigami + Associates     Photography: Jeroen Verrecht     Construction Period:  2008     Location:  Kanagawa, Japan

Junya Ishigami says about his interest in architecture: “A quality of nature is that it is governed by certain rules which at the same time we’re never really aware of… I am interested in creating something that would merge into this normally that surrounds us.”

The KAIT Workshop at Kanagawa Institute of Technology, a private university near Tokyo is the first project in which Ishigami succeeds in expanding the idea of blurring spaces. This project has become an ambiguous space, which no longer has any visible identifiable boundaries.

“I was beginning to think there could be a flexibility that results when the plans or other different factors remain in effect, from simply softening and blurring their boundaries. Through this thinking my interest shifted. I became interested in finding a way to design space somehow free of geometry or any rules. I imagined this could lead to a new universality in space.” – Junya Ishigami

Text description provided by the architects.