Architects: Carlos Seoane     Photography: Héctor Santos-Diez     Construction Period:  2021     Location:  Ribeira, Spain

The way

The strategy of this project is to generate paths in an environment where diverse heritage values ​​- historical, landscape, botanical – come together. The main intention is to build a path to a point from which other spontaneous paths can emerge.

The idea is to build the minimum to generate the greatest interest and “provoke different perceptions and thus understand all the dimensions of this place, visual, acoustic, olfactory, etc. This end point of the path and beginning of others is marked with a cubic stone bench and a protective metal railing for visitors in wheelchairs.


The first element proposed was the use only of recycling materials, basically slabs and paving stones raised and rejected in other cities and stored in a nearby warehouse that we used to make all the pavements of the project.

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In a place of so much heritage value, but in a natural environment with irregular topography, we proposed a path accompanied by a railing to help the movement of people with disabilities so that this environment of identity importance can be participated in by all residents independently. of their mobility.

What the hell about the rumors

“What the hell are you rumors?” This phrase is engraved on the support railing for the disabled and marks the end of the path, based on Eduardo Pondal’s poem “Os Pinos” and the origin of the Galician anthem. The complete phrase: Que din os rumurosos na costa verdecente?, which means: What do the Galician people say?

Text provided by the architect.