Architects: Pineda Monedero     Photography: José Hevia     Construction Period:  2022     Location:  Sabadell, Spain

Casa Convent is the extension of a 1900 house between party walls in Sabadell. The existing building was a two-story house with a patio built with numerous annexes. The project preserves the façade facing the street and the Catalan vault on the ground floor. The rest is emptied with the aim of growing in height and reducing the footprint of the building, freeing up as much space as possible in the patio.

The result is a 3-story house. The ground floor is a completely open space open to the patio with a window that hides its limits behind the vault. A perforated sheet metal staircase runs through the house from top to bottom as a light and translucent element that separates rooms without hindering. The new floor is a multipurpose space that respects the existing volumetry of the gabled roof.

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The construction strategy uses traditional resources such as wooden beam slabs with contemporary construction materials such as steel and glass. The new windows are a composite artifact that protrude from the façade through metal subframes with silver blinds. This deliberate attitude seeks the contrast between the patina of the past and new construction materials.

Text provided by the architect.