Architects: Simon Moosbrugger     Photography: Simon Oberhofer     Construction Period:  2022     Location:  Hirschau, Austria

New room vessels were integrated into the rear building of this well-preserved Bregenzerwald house, which playfully complement the centuries-old building type with high-quality and contemporary lounges. The new building shell appears deliberately reserved and unspectacular compared to the old building in front. Only when stepping onto the raised tuft does the view of the unconventional inner workings open up for the first time.

In contrast to the simple rooms in the front building, each room in the rear building has its own special geometry according to its use. Walking through old and new becomes an everyday experience. Few but high-quality materials are used in the interior design, which means that the economical architecture of our ancestors is taken into account.

(Hinterhaus means rear building – once a stable directly connected to the residential building).

Text provided by the architect.