Architects: Falgueras Font     Photography: Adrià Goula     Construction Period:  2023     Location:  Sant Cristòfol dels Horts, Spain

Ruin lost in the forest that a group of hikers wants to save from disappearing.
The vault fragment was deformed, broken and without a cover.
Most of the walls had lost their outer face.
Disfigurement of the volume and lack of cover which was even more serious in the east apse and the west front.
Work of 4 seasons that stops the collapse and stabilizes the structure.

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In the 1st season a shoring is done, the geometry of the arcades and the continuity of the vault are restored.
In the 2nd, a cover is restored with waterproofing mortars and the geometry of the walls of the nave is restored with lime and reused stones, framing the faces with old planks in heights of rows of pre-existing ashlars. In the 3rd, the volume of the apse is restored with the same materials by formwork with rough boards curved in rows.
In the latter, after excavating the opening of the portal, the stripped faces are restored and the west, north and south, elevations are crowned while outlining the gables, and the jambs.

Text provided by the architect.