Architects: Jaccaud Spicher Architects     Photography: David Carlier     Construction Period:  2015     Location:  La Forclaz, Switzerland

The project for a chalet with two dwellings in La Forclaz in the Val d’Herens proposes a contemporary reinterpretation of a historical typology present in the region. Due to the scarcity of soil, the chalets have indeed developed in height in the village centers to go up to 4 or even 5 floors.

Located at the junction between the historic fabric of the “old” village of La Forclaz and the more recent chalets of the 1970s and 1980s, the project creates a seam between these two fabrics by its afirma volumetry which extends that of the buildings of the historic village.

From the inside, two dwellings are each articulated on two floors with an entangled cut that allows to give very diversified floor heights. Large bay windows open onto the landscape from the day areas which are extended by south-facing balconies.

Text provided by the architect.