Architects: Crafted Works     Photography: Maarten Willemstein     Construction Period:  2020     Location:  Drenthe, Netherlands

Structural and material expression was the main driver for the design. The various building elements were considered in terms of how their structure could be exposed, rather than being concealed behind linings and claddings, helping to generate a distinct and unique character to the cabin whilst also exhibiting the work and craftsmanship involved in its construction.

Durable, affordable and locally available, douglas fir was selected as the leading material and is used for the primary frame, external wall studs and roof rafters. The colour and hue of the wood will soften over time with the orange tones slowly being replaced with a silvery-grey patina. The external walls are protected by an over-sailing corrugated steel roof which adds a rustic and somewhat agricultural aesthetic in this rural location.

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The entire cabin was built by a team of two – the various structural components and assembly methods were carefully considered during the design stages to enable a logical, efficient and straightforward construction process.

Text provided by the architect.