Architects: René Pérez Gómez     Photography: César Béjar     Construction Period:  2020     Location:  Guadalajara, Mexico

Casa Amapa born from the imminent need and perhaps utopian to return to inhabit the forests. The experience created here is almost as essential as this idea.

Located in a forest near the city of Guadalajara in Mexico, on a very rough topography and practically in the midst of nothing, or in the middle of everything. The geometric abstraction and its unique break are the result of the physical characteristics of the site as well as the strong intention to keep the existing woodland intact.

We design a stereotomic structure that emerges from Earth with a free and naked materiality that faces the architecture, stripped, with its surroundings. Generating a dialogue that with time will erase the lines that today separate them, wanting to become impossible to define where the architecture ends and starts the forest.

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The house has a very simple program that arises from the analysis and the search for the essentials. Having then not only dematerializing the architecture, but also dematerializing the life of the inhabitant, thus taking a life of material detachments. Giving value to what really has to have it. The platforms of the house are sites of coexistence, reflection and connection with the immense forest, and below them, the house, the sanctuary is hidden, with an intimacy that at the same time is part of the forest as well. Each of the spaces of the house enjoys a frank and different view of the forest, maintaining this connection with the forest at all times.

We firmly believe that in home is where we take the basis and principles of our development as human beings and the architecture play a fundamental role in it. Casa Amapa has undoubtedly been a project that has immersed us in a deep reflection about the origin and how we have to inhabiting the years to come.

Text provided by the architect.