Architects: Deschenaux Follonier     Photography: Rasmus Norlander     Construction Period:  2019     Location:  Villa, Switzerland

The house overlooks the hamlet “La Place”, in Ayent, central Valais. The project takes root in the site’s memory, by reinterpreting the atmosphere and the materialization of its vernacular architecture. Like the barns of the hamlet, the house stands in a meadow that is left blank. Thus, the project frees itself from all boundaries. The grass grows according to the seasons and the livestock can come and graze. The main terrace is on top of the house, away from prying eyes and offering a stunning view.

The materiality of the project recalls the barns’ one, with a mineral cold-looking structure and a wooden roof opened on both gable ends. The roof of the house shifted lengthwise and free from any middle supporting structure, which seems to be floating over the house, which interrogates its primary function which is to shelter a house.

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The heritage of the local barns continues through the expression of the facades. They allow showing a base, the main body, and a roof, thanks to the treatments of the concrete and the wooden framework. The half levels enrich this composition by hugging the topography and by connecting the different spaces. The resulting openings adapt precisely to the needs of the interior spaces.

Text provided by the architect.